Player of the year-CJ Kelly(Qhst)

Newcomer of the year-Jordan Armstrong(Jefferson)

Coach of the year-Dwayne Morton(Lincoln)


1ST Team

Donald Flores(Lincoln)

Malik Martin(Curtis)

Alejandro Vasquez(Bowne)

Jose Perez(Wings)

Hegel Augustin(Springfield)

2ND Team

Klay Ferguson Brown(Lincoln)

Demarley Smith(Eagle Academy BX)

Malachi Faison(Jefferson)

Kyle Harding(Jefferson)

Christian Hinckson(Bowne)

3RD Team

Mike Reid(Lincoln)

Bol Bak(Wadleigh)

Dejavaughn Utley(Cardozo)

Glen Anderson(Collegiate)

Boubacar Kamissoko(Wings)

Honorable Mention

Khalil Rhodes(Jefferson),Jalen Blaize(South Shore),Aquarn Butler(Robeson),Stephen Takyi(Monroe),Keyon Faulkner Smith(MSIT),Jasiah Wright(Construction),Keshon Smith(Van Buren),Ernest Wynn(Wadleigh),Marlon Moreta(WHEELS),Sam Majekodunmi(Curtis),Justin Forest(Campus Magnet),Abdullah Yusuf(Bedford)


Player of the year-Andres Rivera(Walton)

Newcomer of the year-Amani Cummings(Transit Tech)

Coach of the year-Eric Swillinger(Walton)


1ST Team

Larry Moreno(Brooklyn Law)

Tykei Greene(Edison)

Antonio Smallshansell(Grady)

Mike Richards(Midwood)

Christian Sturdivant(Kipp)

2ND Team

Mikko Johnson(Brooklyn Law)

Yashawn Richards(Eagle BK)

Adriece Payne(Eagle BK)

Emmanuel Mayfield(Norman Thomas)

Musa Pough(Banneker)

3RD Team

Terrance McBride(Rustin)

Devine Chisolm(Dewey)

Victor Ogbo(Brooklyn Law)

Andy Rosario(Morris)

Frank Reali(Wagner)

Honorable Mention-Hasan Ringer(CSI),Joseph McCoy(Tottenville),Dqui Berry(Cleveland),Mamadou Coulibaly(Hillcrest),Adrian Cicero(Lane),Jaylen Nixon(Environmental),Valentin Van Putten(Brandeis),Gian Batista(W50),Steven Glover(Harlem Village),Barry Adams(Sutton),Messiah Brown(GW),Derrick Paige(Seward Park),Elvis Kolasinac(Ft.Hamilton),Carlyle Prince(Dewey),Tyres Desinor(Canarsie),Howard Turner(Mckinney),Tirron Squire(Transit),Josh Romero(Roosevelt),Louis Florimon(Walton),Aaron Sanchez(Rucker)


Player of the year-Tilquan Rucker(South Bronx Prep)

Newcomer of the year-Tyler Ray(Eagle III)

Coach of the year-Brian Shea(Adams St.)

1ST Team

Ali Sumareh(South Bronx Prep)

Jonathan Mcdonald(Wingate)

Charles Davis(Fannie Lou Hamer)

Tyquan Stephens(Adams St.)

Nathaniel Nickel(Maspeth)

2ND Team

Reginald Miot(Tilden)

Jallah Hazelwood(Tilden)

Allen DeLacruz(BCAM)

Shaneek Roper(Fashion)

Jarred Torres(Campos)

3RD Team

William Feldman(Riverdale)

Justin Miller(Townsend)

Alexis Pena(Jane Addams)

Daouda Berete(Pace)

Steven Carabjal(Community Health)

Honorable mention-Tyree Morris(Fannie Lou),Frankie Williams(Fannie Lou),Markus Pond(Nest),Josh Freeman(East Side),Justin Parris(Life Science),Greg Hobbs(Marta Valle),Eddie Pimentel(Community Health),Guillermo Hernandez(Luperon),Oliver Dingman(Lab),Tyrese Hughes(Baruch),Christopher Hamm(Richman),Josh Figeroa(JKO),Jared Danvers (Cambria),Devante Barrett(Cambria),Marcus Thompson(Goddard),Demetrius Hamilton(Pathways),Nasaire Garvin(York),Parker Myers(Eagle III),Julian Kilchowski(Metropolitan),Brandon Murray(American Studies),Nariq Chisolm(R.Wagner),Malik Hamilton(Dodge),Jaiden Lewis(Riverdale),Issac Johnson(Bx Law),Brandon Lopez(Comp Proj),Kevin Afriyie(Bathgate),Kehinde Fayemi(BxStudio),Amadou Diallo(BxStudio),Mamadou Diallo(Jane Addams)Joseph Bearbrun(hyde),Jaden Gaffney(Uncommon),Lovell Glenn(Teachers Prep),Terell Williams(Wingate),Melick Lubin(Summit Academy),Tyreik Watt(Medgar Evers)

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Comment by Dendrick Lamar Jr. on April 5, 2017 at 9:29pm

lets say its true; you have to admit the specializeds' homework and course work is a heck of a lot more than
the zoneds - this means less time to practice - especially since a lot of those kids have lengthy commutes.

(other schools like Construction actually do have a high course-load also due to their "dual" degree)

forgetting about lorenzo charles is a sin; he was way ahead of my time though

Comment by RealTalk on April 5, 2017 at 10:17am

@Dendrick Lamar...I feel Lorenzo Charles  of  Tech, basketball wise, was the most accomplished of the specialized hs ballers. Its a shame he died so young.

Comment by a1jeff on April 4, 2017 at 12:50pm

i used to sub at has 5000 kids from all different areas.dont feel sorry for them.i would love to coach what comes in the building has had several division 1 football player the past few years.i dont want to hear about non athletes.there are more athletes there than you think.

Comment by a1jeff on April 4, 2017 at 12:48pm

it plays a huge role.mayfield was the leading scorer in the A and his team won 1 game all season.theres players on teams for example like brooklyn law and tech,a kid like mikko johnson who had trople double type numbers on a loaded team,could easily double his scoring average on a team where he had to do more and probably win less due to the pieces around him.cant reward a kid who dropped 20 ppg on a team where he was the only option.he will be rewarded for his stats and overall play but after watching all these kids play i know how to decide the difference.

Comment by Josh Krinsky on April 3, 2017 at 8:55pm
Sounds good Haggins.
Comment by Dendrick Lamar Jr. on April 3, 2017 at 8:53pm

its true the specializeds are large ... but it is a smaller subset of the city ballers.
conrad mcrae might be the most famous of all the specialized-ballers.

I was just curious to what extent winning plays a role in "... of the year" - goes for players

Comment by a1jeff on April 3, 2017 at 7:53pm

also i can name you about 60 B division schools who "get what comes in the building".im sorry but tech,stuy and bx science are 3 of the most heavily populated public schools in the made it to the semis about 6 or 7 years ago and had a division 1 player and 3other players in that starting lineup end up playing d-3 college ball.sometimes you get a wave of guys.

Comment by a1jeff on April 3, 2017 at 7:50pm

dendrick,these finalizations are done before the playoffs begin.nothing really changed my mind on anything.Who else was a coach of the year candidate in the AA?I gave it to the only psal AA coach who went undefeated against all psal teams(league and non-league) in the aa this season.

Comment by Dendrick Lamar Jr. on April 3, 2017 at 6:13pm

if Lincoln didn't win it all, would Coach Morton still be COY?

i still think BK Tech, Stuyvesant & Bx Science should always get honorable mention
since they literally coach "what's in the building".

Comment by a1jeff on April 3, 2017 at 5:06pm

Oh yes its baseball season




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