Stunning news this a.m. from NY 1 that Lance Stephenson was arrested this a.m. for allegedly throwing a female acquaintance down a flight of stairs. The Indiana Pacers team President Larry Bird said he "was aware of the situation" and commented no further.

As a long time fan of Lances I've always hoped/wished for the best for Lance and his family. I've viewed his on court demeanor as his being super competitive, his off court "issues" more blown up because of his status under the spot light and even his NOT making the national team last summer as a result of his "take no prisioners" style of play even with guys who should have been his teammates. I didn't think his leaving college after one year of play was the smartest move. (His fall from 1st round proved the move was not the best one.) Yet, I was happy that his play with the Pacers this summer earned him a guarenteed contract from the Pacers. Every thing seemed to be falling in place for him, now this.

What next? Criminal trial? Jail? Suspension by Pacers or the NBA? Counseling? Finally learning that life in the spot light comes with another level of individual responsibility? It may not be fair-but it's life in the USA as we know it.

Lance-make this the LAST NEGATIVE LESSON you need to learn from- life is tough enough. Finally, I hope this becomes a teachable opportunity for parents & ALL coaches to talk with their sons/players about.

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