This was a great event at South Shore HS in Brooklyn. I attended Saturdays games from 9am-5pm. I brought my 8 year old son along so he could get to see some great basketball and we did. As a Youth coach myself I thought it was great to catch some early season action.The gym was filled with youth coaches, college coaches, media and fans of New York HS Basketball. 

Congrats to CARDINAL HAYES HS for winning it. They can flat out shoot the ball period. They play very well together and they are not a big team but solid defensively and if you make a mistake on defense they really make you pay on offense.

THOMAS JEFFERSON- The runner ups. They will not creep up on anyone this year. Young team but man do they play like they are fighting for their lives. They scrap, crawl and bite for their victorious and thats what Jeff is. They will be one of the deepest teams in the city. "CoCo" Bennett played real smooth and once he don't let his emotions get the best of him he is going to be great.Their freshman and sophomores are already playing like juniors and seniors and was very impress with how they came back against a team that should of put them away but Jeff never dies. 

ABRAHAM LINCOLN- Of course their guards are not the problem. Wilson and Lewis are solid. Very savy and tough group Tiny got over there. They come off the bench shooting. Probably the second best shooting team in the tournament.  Lincoln bigs need to dominate a bit more. At times they couldn't catch the ball or make a lay-up. I'm sure Tiny will have the ready by the time PSAL season start.

SOUTH SHORE- After their first game vs Iona Prep I really thought they were the team to beat in the PSAL. Good wings, PG is solid and he only a Soph (Pop). Bigs played big. Sekou is the PSAL version of Zack Randolph. But Shore is missing that fight in them. They should of put away Jeff but didn't and lost. But I really think South Shore could win it this year but that 4th Qt vs Jeff showed why they go some things to work on.

CARDOZO- They should be better than last years team. Dejavaughn must step up big time this year. They have a decent team and Coach Ron will have them ready. Their bigs let one guy from Scanlan have his way inside. We know Doza is not know for that but in order for them to get to that next level that some one must play big.

ST RAYMONDS- Life after Isiah might be a little hard but Omar must pick it up. He was in foul trouble a bit and could never really get in the flow but they fought hard against Jeff just ran out of gas. May struggle a bit in the Catholic league thats only getting better.

SCANLAN- Solid team. Has a bull up front. Gave Doza fits. 2 guards that come of the bench are real good and tough. Smart team and their system works . Was impressed by them.

Iona Prep- South Shore was too much for them but probably the best freshman in the city is on Iona Prep. 14 years old and 6'8 and when he gets some more games in he will be very tough. They also have slasher and very athletic wing who plays all over the court for them but were under matched vs Shore.

GREAT WAY TO START THE SCHOOL YEAR!!! If you went please give your insight.

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South shore has alot of talent.In Brooklyn every game is a dogfight.If they are laxed for example fgoing into a place like Robeson,they will not win.Just the nature of Brooklyn.Jeff will definitely be a factor.Burnett of course is the stud but I like the young soph Thomas porter.Lincoln and Dozo have legacies and their coaches have been doing it for ages.They know what buttons to push.John Wilson is coming into his own for Lincoln and I expect a big year for Utley at Dozo.I dont really cover the chsaa aspect on this site but St rays definitely will not struggle.They were missing people that day.this is a team that won smartball with the same type of teams and a pretty good tri state hs summer tournament.They arent a top 3 team in my opinion but will win a ton of games and are capable of beating anyone in the chsaa

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