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Where is the league taking place?

We need more folks who read to start posting anything they know about Leagues & Tournaments where aspiring school age players are competing. There are many fans & readers of this sight  (like me) who'd like to know WHEN & WHERE these games are going on so we can check them out. 

Just speaking for myself now, this is another way NAMES get out there to the basketball world. When I see a player with skills & I do a little research & find out he's got solid support from his coach, family & community &  you hear the echo from many that "he's a good kid". I have no hesitation in calling a coach or scout & talk the player up. 

WE, the "basketball community" have to do this more now, than ever before. It used to be that players would be mentioned in local newspaper stories and scouts & college coaches would read about them. That ship (Daily News & NY Post- THEY don't even put H.S. info on their Web pages!!)) has disappeared & it's up to the folks on here to take the time & make the effort to get the word out. IF not now, than when? If not  us, than who ? Come on, doing this for these kids makes us part of the solution.

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