In your opinion, in the CHSAA and GCHSAA, on the Freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Level, in the AA, A, and B Division, which schools this season:

1. Underwhelmed and did not have as good a season as they were expected to and still have some work to do?

2. Met Expectations and were either bad like they were supposed to be or good and one of the elite teams in the league?

3. Exceeded Expectations and took everyone by surprise?

4. Are on the rise and will be an elite team either next season or in the next few seasons?

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i look at the PSAL/CHSAA like i look at Harlem & Bed-Stuy:  Folks don't realize how valuable it
really is ... until some enterprising people jump on it.

the PSAL caters too much to the lowest student-athlete; absolutely no reason schools couldn't
play 32 games a season. 
some player can't handle that much books & balls? cut his/her a$$

Another great dendrick lamar post
WOW WALTON WINS A GAME AT THE BUZZER ON AN OFFENSIVE REBOUND PUT BACK.Win by one-The A division Chip goes to a scrappy group from the North Bronx. Congratulations to coach Rick S. On your first city chip. You used to always yell at me for not boxing out! That's irony. Lol have fun in Glen's Falls.

I think we'd all like to see more games, but , I think it's a scheduling issue on several fronts. 

1.) The State regulates the number of games allowed during a school week.

2.) How much of a Budget que$tion is it with extra hours to pay coaches, AD's , Refs, School Security.

3.)  Would there be a conflict with GYM schedules with other in school sports if you tried to play more games during a week.

Don't forget with Title IX - the Girls will be asking for equal time & the Cost$ would be doubled.

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